KDM Local - Warhammer 40k Summer Championship 2019

KDM Local - Warhammer 40k Summer Championship 2019
July 24th, 2019, Kev Martin,

KDM Local - Warhammer 40k Summer Championship 2019 & Painting Competition

KDM Local Gaming Hub in Llandrindod Wells, was delighted to host its annual Summer Warhammer 40k Championship and Painting Competition over the weekend of Saturday July 13
th and Sunday July 14th. The competitions are the culmination of the painting and modelling clubs calendar. These clubs meet weekly within the hub and they act as a fantastic social meeting place for people with a shared interest.  The bulk of the weekend focused on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k table-top battle and strategy game, of which KDM Local Gaming Hub is a stockiest. There was a substantial prize-pool put forward by Games Workshop (a Nottingham based model making and hobby company) and KDM Local Gaming Hub with the prizes split between various elements from position within the competition, to a host of spot prizes such as Best Painted Army (won by Sam Burford of Rhayader) and The Sportsmanship Award (won by Matthew Mills of Llandrindod). 

Saturday's games saw armies put forth onto the battlefield in the store gaming space, it formed a spectacular showcase of modelling skills in assembling, painting and army strategy. The battles were tight with brothers Owen and Oliver Jenkins going head to head with their Skitarii Adeptus and Necron armies. The older brother, Owen, gaining bragging rights this time around both in this battle and an overall 2nd place finish in the competition as a whole.

Another highlight battle was fought between a line of intimidating tanks brought to the battlefield by Robert Moore, in the form of Astra Militarum, and James Wilson who unveiled an armada of enormous Knights (one of which went forward to gain first prize in the Painting Category – Single GW (Vehicle).  This was a close fought fight and it stands to reason, as the two combatants finished 3rd and 4th overall.

Day 1 drew to a close and the battle-weary competitors retreated for some respite, before re-converging early on Sunday for Day 2 and another 3 rounds.

A highlight from this day was certainly the most sporting of battles between Matthew Mills and newcomer to the scene, Cameron Robb, with Matthew's Emperors Children emerging victorious over Cameron's Deathguard.  This match was a reflection of the positive, supportive and welcoming atmosphere of the Gaming Hub.  Matthew was offering constant advice, strategy tips and encouragement throughout the battle, this in part being the reason he received The Sportsmanship Award, with a note of recognition towards Cameron who performed nobly in what was a baptism of fire event.

Two of the weekends most powerful combatants went to battle, too, with Sam Burford and Chris Jones partaking in a back-and-forth with their Ork and Space Wolf armies. Chris, who was partaking in his second championship, saw a marked improvement to his fortunes this year, whereas in 2018 he was the holder of the Wooden Spoon, this time around he was a far more fearsome foe. But Sam skilfully navigated his way to victory, and with it became the Warhammer 40k Summer Champion for 2019, guiding his Ork Army to the top of the standings over the two days of battles, and done so with an undefeated record.

It was a fantastic weekend all around for Sam, who subsequently went on to be crowned Painting Champion, too.

The standard in the 5 separate painting categories was exceptional and there were dozens of entries across the weekend.   The judges noted a wide selection of things regarding each model, but the recurring comment was the overall standard, especially the improvements from the 2018 competition through to the 2019 event.

     Category winners were

  • Best Painted Army: Sam Burford
  • Diorama: Kev Parsons
  • Single (none GW) Model Kit: Kev Parsons
  • Single GW (small base) Model: Lawrence GT
  • Single GW (Vehicle) Model: James Wilson
  • Single GW (Monstrous Creature) Model: Lawrence GT

It was a difficult task separating each model and it was an envious task for all the judges and we thank them for giving their time.  Each category was looking for differing elements of model assembling and painting skills and there were a vast array of styles on display.  Overall, though, with Sam scoring very high finishes in all categories it seemed fitting his selection of models was crowned the best on show.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend, with the organisers and KDM Local delighted with the event, staff and volunteers would like to thank everybody who entered and attended, and we look forward to our Winter Championships as well as the progression of the Summer Championships for the 2020 season.

Some of the winning models from the 2019 event:  

Single Model Kit (Kev Parson), Single GW (Monstrous Creature) Lawrence GT, Overall Winner Collection, Sam Burford

Changes of note for 2020: 
Painting Competition occurring the week before the 40k Event. 
Clarification on model criteria for each category.
Expansion of categories.
Possibly splitting the 40k Event over two weekends to allow for more games/entrants.

Basically, we start planning now for next year so watch this space, come in store at any of our social evening events and certainly join our ever growing Games Workshop and Modelling Scene.