A fantastic way to begin the core of your own Stormcast Eternals army – or bolster one you already have – this is a great-value collection of miniatures with which to build your very own Vanguard Brotherhood


The Battle Force: Stormcast Eternals Vanguard Brotherhood box set contains:



  • 32 plastic miniatures

  • A Lord-Aquilor, mounted on a Gryph-charger and armed with a starbound blade, shock handaxe and heavy boltstorm pistol

  • 3 Vanguard-Palladors, mounted on Gryph-chargers and armed with boltstorm pistols and either shock handaxes or starstrike javelins

  • 3 Vanguard-Raptors with longstrike crossbows, who can be assembled with hurricane crossbows, and include 6 Aetherwings

  • 10 Vanguard-Hunters, with options for 2 Hunter-Primes

  • 12 Gryph-hounds, with options to assemble 4 Alphas

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